Review of Daredevil: Episodes 7 & 8

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I finally finished season 1 of Daredevil recently. Man, what a great show.

But I haven’t been reviewing as I’ve gone along, so let’s go back a spell and look at where I left off, with what was perhaps the strongest one-two-punch of episodes in the show. (If you’re curious about my thoughts on the first group of episodes, here’s my review of the first three episodes, and here’s my review of episodes 4-6). Continue reading


Review of Daredevil: Episodes 4-6

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Here’s a quick review of the next three episodes of Daredevil…

“In the Blood,” “World on Fire,” and “Condemned,” the series’ fourth, fifth and sixth episodes, respectively, nicely concluded the arc concerning the Russian gangsters. While I thought there were elements of the conflict that felt a little contrived, the events were exciting as always, and have successfully unveiled Wilson Fisk as an incredibly fascinating antagonist.

“In the Blood” gave us our first real introduction to Wilson Fisk, the awkward but brutal mastermind behind the crime organization in Hell’s Kitchen. We spend most of this time seeing him open up and try to swoon Vanessa, the art collector. I thought seeing this more vulnerable Fisk was very effective, especially juxtaposed with the violent end of the episode, in which he decapitates one of the Russian brothers with his car door (yikes). Continue reading

Review of Daredevil: Episodes 1-3

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I’m probably very late to this particular party, but I’ve finally started to watch Netflix’s new series Daredevil. Full disclosure: I’m familiar with the character and the comic books. In fact, Daredevil is probably one of my favorite characters. What I like about his comic is how grounded and honest his best writers are about his world and his character. So far, the show has done an excellent job capturing that. Daredevil expertly avoids some of the more predictable clichés in the superhero genre, telling some dark stories through excellent direction and great acting from almost all corners.
Taking just a cursory glance at Daredevil’s story, it looks like the run-of-the-mill origin story. Preposterous accident involving radioactive chemicals, a dead dad, and the natural thirst for justice following such a tragedy. Dig a little deeper, and he’s not your typical superhero. His powers, for one, are unique and interesting, in a genre where almost every character has a similarly powered counterpart from another publishing company. He’s blind, but his other senses are enhanced to an incredible degree. Then there’s his Catholicism, made apparent in the second scene of the series. It makes sense that some vigilante would have some religious conviction hiding under their actions, and given how few and far between religious characters are in comics and media generally it’s kind of a breath of fresh air to see one of these heroes in a confession box. Continue reading